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Our Menu.


Veg. Starters

Onion Bhaji (VG,GF )   £3.50

Spicy, Crisp Indian fritters made with onions and gram flour (a big plus for gluten-free eaters!) are the ultimate Indian snacks, served with tomato chutney.

Vegetable Samosa (V, VG)  £3.50

Contains mixed vegetables, triangular shaped stuffed pastry snack that are deep fried.

Plain Vada ( VG, GF )  £3.50

Spicy donuts made with white lentils, onion, ginger and green chilli, served  with coconut chutney.

Rasa Vada ( VG, GF )  £4.95

Spicy donuts soaked in Rasam

Thir Vada ( VG, GF )  £4.50

Spicy donuts soaked in spicy yogurt.

Sambar Vada ( VG, GF )  £4.95

Spicy donuts soaked in sambar.

Aubergine Pakora ( VG, GF )  £4.50

 Deep-fried aubergine slices in an aromatic batter and served with tomato chutney.

Rasam ( VG, GF )  £2.95

Warming spicy soup traditionally served as a digestive between courses.

Lentil Soup ( VG, GF )  £3.95

A fresh flavour of lentils cooked with chillies, garlic, tomatoes and black pepper.

Mushroom 65( VG, GF )  £5.50

Deep-fried with aromatic batter, served with our fresh salad & chutney.

Paneer Pakora ( VG, GF )  £4.95

 Marinated paneer (Indian cheese) dipped in a batter and deep fried. Makes a nice crispy outside and soft coriander. It is shallow fried and served with tomato chutney.

Mushroom Fry ( VG, GF ) £4.95

Fresh mushroom marinated in a spicy paste made from cornflour, green chillies and coriander. It is shallow fried and served with tomato chutney.

Mysore Bonda (VG, GF)  £3.95

Potato balls faced with fresh ginger, curry leaves, coriander and black mustard seeds in chick pea flour batter, crispy fried and served with creamy coconut chutney.

Poppodom ( VG, GF ) £1.00

Served with mango chutney, mint sauce and onion salad.

Non Veg. Starters

Chicken 65 (GF) £5.95

Deep-fried with an aromatic batter, served with our fresh salad and chutney.

Chicken Fry (GF)  £4.95

Specially chicken pieces marinated with Malabar spices.

Chicken Tikka (GF)  £5.95

Baked in a clay oven, using yogurt red chilli, ginger paste, garlic paste and lemon juice.

Chicken Butter Fry (GF) £4.95

Boneless chicken pieces marinated in refreshing spiced yogurt and fried in the traditional fashion with Indian shallots.

King Prawn Fry £ 5.95

Crunchy battered fried king prawn with cornflour, egg, chilli powder, ginger and garlic. This prawn dish takes on an usually enticing flavour.

Fish Fry £ 5.95

Shallow fried kingfish marinated with Malabar spices.

Squid Fry £ 5.50

Fresh Squid dipped in a batter of garlic paste,cornflour, chilly powder and black pepper.

Lamb Cutlet £ 5.95

 Wheat, egg, lamb, onion, potato and ginger, fried in breadcrumbs.

Biriyani Specialties

Aromatic Basmati Rice Prepared as a main dish with exotic spices served with mixed curry.

Chicken Biriyani (GF) £8.95

King Prawn Biriyani (GF ) £9.95

Vegetable Biriyani (GF,VG) £7.95

Lamb Biriyani (GF) £9.50

Kingfish Biriyani (GF) £9.95

Egg Biriyani £7.95

Mix Biriyani (Lamb & Chicken)  £9.50

Mix Biriyani ( GF ) £9.50

Egg Dishes

Egg Masala (GF) – £ 6.95

Boiled egg cooked with onions,tomato,ginger and curry leaves in a medium thick gravy.

Egg Curry (GF) – £ 5.95

Boiled egg cooked in tomato and onion based gravy with spices.

Traditional Curry Dishes

The following traditional curry dishes are available in

Chicken – £7.95

Fish  – £8.95  

Vegetable – £6.95

King Prawn – £9.95

Lamb – £8.95

Nadan Curry –(GF) Roasted coconut aromatic spices, turmeric red chilli, tomato and onions.

Chilli(GF) – Boneless meat cooked with onions, green, pepper chilli and tomato sauce.

Rogan Josh (GF) Cooked with garnished tomatoes spices and a touch of garlic.

Balti (GF)-Balti is the tradition for cooking in the flavour of fresh spices, herbs, ginger and garlic , giving out a wonderfully exotic aroma with fantastic taste.

Madras (GF) – Cooked in a rich spicy gravy.

Spinach(GF) –Cooked with freshly chopped spinach in a medium thick sauce.

Kadai(GF)-Medium dish with garlic, onions, capsicum and coriander.

Vindaloo(GF) -Cooked with spices and potatoes in a rich gravy.

Pathia(GF) -It is a hot sweet and sour dish, cooked with a thick onion sauce.

Korma(GF) – Cooked with almond and fresh cream in a very mild flavoured sauce.


Chicken Roast (South Indian Style) (GF)  £8.50

Onions, tomatoes , green chilli etc cooked in a fairly dry style.

Butter Chicken Masala(GF) £7.95

Marinated in tikka spices and made in a creamy gravy.

Lamb Pepper Masala (GF) £9.50

Onion black pepper , turmeric garlic, ginger, cooked with Malabar spices.

Chicken Tikka Masala(GF)  £8.50

Mild Diced boneless barbecued meat, cooked with specially prepared , delicately flavored sauce with cream.

Spicy Lamb Fry(GF) £8.95

Lamb with Indian Shallots, black pepper, curry leaves and coconut.

Prawn Dishes

Prawns and Mango  Curry( GF ) £9.50

A typical Kerala dish: turmeric, chillies, onion, mango, coconut with Malabar spices.

Cochin Prawns Curry( GF ) £8.95

Prawns cooked with spices, tomatoes, onions and fresh coconut.

Prawn Masala  (GF) £9.50

Prepared in a spicy gravy with a delightful blend of herbs and spices

Fish Dishes

Alleppey Fish Curry( GF ) £8.95
A popular Kerala dish kingfish cooked in a sauce of onion,fried chillies, turmeric ginger and kokum (fish tamarind).

Fish Mango Curry( GF ) £9.50
A tangy preparation of kingfish with green mango

Fish Mollie( GF ) £8.95
Kingfish cooked in fresh coconut milk with onions, fried chillies, turmeric and ginger.

Fish Masala( GF ) £8.95
Marinated fish cooked with onion, tomato, ginger and curry leaves, served with medium thick gravy.

Vegetable Main Dishes

Aubergine Masala(V, GF)  £7.95

Baby aubergine cooked with ginger, garlic, tomato and other spices.

Dal Rasili (V, GF) £6.95

A blend of lentils cooked with herbs and species. Prepared with cumin seeds and a touch of garlic.

Mattar Paneer(V, GF) £6.95

Peas and paneer in a tomato based sauce, spiced with garam masala.

Chilli Gobi (VG)  £6.95

Cauliflower cooked with onions, green pepper, green chilli and tomato sauce.

Paneer Butter Masala(V, GF) £7.95

The regular Indian herbs-spices has a slightly sweet taste and very mildly spiced.

Okra Bhaji (VG, GF) £6.95

Okra cooked with onions and tomatoes in mild Malabar spices.

Gobi Manchurian (VG, GF) £6.95

Gobi Manchurian is coated in a chilli garlic sauce and deep-fried, spicy and crispy

Vegetable Side Dishes

Tarka Dal (VG, GF)  £3.95

Yellow split peas cooked with turmeric, ginger and plenty of garlic.

Malabar Potatoes (VG, GF)  £3.95

Potatoes maintained in a special blend of herbs and spices creating an authentic taste.

Dal and Spinach (VG, GF)  £3.95

Spinach & lentils cooked with garlic and onion flavoured with spices.

Chana Masala (VG, GF) £3.95

Chick peas cooked in thick onion and tomato gravy with spices.

Cabbage Thoran (VG, GF) £3.95

Stir fried with onion, fresh coconut cumin and green chillies.

Avial  (V, GF) £3.95

Traditional Kerala dish cooked with tropical vegetables, coconut and spices.

Sambar (VG, GF) £3.95

Lentils potato drumstick carrot etc. Cooked in a mild gravy

Sag Aloo (VG, GF) £3.95

Spinach and potatoes cooked with fresh cream and spices.

Sag Paneer (VG, GF) £3.95

Fresh cheese, spiced and cooked in spinach gravy.

Mushroom Bhaji (VG, GF) £3.95

Cooked with onions tomatoes and fresh coriander.

Sag Bhaji (VG, GF)  £3.95

It is a comforting and flavourful spinach curry.

Cauliflower Bhaji (VG, GF) £3.95

Cauliflower cooked with onion gravy and Indian spices.

Malabar Specials

Marinated with spices, onion ,tomatoes, fresh coconut milk and curry leaves.

Prawn Malabar(GF) £9.95

Chicken Malabar(GF) £8.50

Lamb Malabar(GF)  £9.90

Vegetable Malabar £7.95

Fish Malabar(VG) £9.75

(Delicious blend aromatic Southern spices combined with tamarind extract, red chilli powder, ginger , salt , green chilli  and fried coconut paste.)

Dosa Specialities

A thin pancake made with a batter of rice flour and urid flour. Served with chutney and sambar.

Masala Dosa (VG,GF) £8.95

Ghee Roast Masala Dosa (VG,GF) £9.50

Mysore Malsala Dosa (VG, GF) £9.50

Chicken Dosa(GF) £9.50

Plain Dosa (VG,GF) £7.95

Taste of Malabar Spi-Dosa (VG, GF) £10.50

(Grated paneer, coconut, sultanas and cashew nuts)

Paneer Dosa (VG,GF)  £9.50

Thattu Dosa (VG,GF) £6.95

Iddly (VG,GF) £6.95

Meat Dosa(GF) £6.95

Egg Dosa(GF)  £8.50

Cheese Dosa (VG,GF) £9.50


Plain Rice (V, GF )  £2.50

Lemon Rice (VG, GF ) £2.95

Mushroom Rice (V, GF ) £2.95

Tomato Rice (V, GF ) £2.95

Pilau Rice (V, GF ) £2.95

Coconut Rice (V, GF )  £2.95

Fried Rice (V, GF )  £3.75

Egg Fried Rice (V, GF )  £4.75


Chappathi (VG)  £2.95

Poori(VG) (2 pieces) £2.95

 Kerala Porotta (VG) (2 pieces)  £2.95

Chilli Paratha (V)    £2.95

Garlic Paratha (V) £2.95

Appam (V, GF) (2 pieces) £2.95

Poori Masala (VG) £6.95

Cheese Paratha (V) £2.95

Aloo Paratha (V) £2.95

Sweet Coconut Paratha(V)  £2.95

Thali Meal

Thali Meal £10.00

Chapathi, rice, sambar, avial, thoran, dal, rasam, channamasala, yogurt, pachadi, pickle, pappodom and payasam.


Almond  Kulfi  £ 3.00

Kulfi is a very popular Indian ice cream, this recipe is flavoured with cardamom and almond.

Mango  Kulfi  £ 3.00

Kulfi is a very popular Indian ice cream, this recipe is flavoured with cardamom and mango.

PistacioKulfi  £ 3.00

Kulfi is a very popular Indian ice cream, this recipe is flavoured with cardamom and pistacio.

Chocolate  Ice  Cream  £ 3.00

Strawberry  Ice  Cream  £ 3.00

Vanilla  Ice  Cream  £ 3.00

Semiya Payasam( V, GF )  £ 2.95

Vermicelli kheer or semiya payasam (pudding) is a classic Indian dessert prepared with roasted vermicelli, milk, and cashew nuts.

GulabJamun( V )  £ 3.00

A traditional Indian dessert with a sponge-like textured ball served with a sugary syrup



HOUSE WINE    by the bottle  –    £ 14.95
Wine by the glass125ml – £2.50175ml – £4.00
House WhiteValencia (Spain)
House RedValencia (Spain)
House Sweet WhiteValencia (Spain)
WHITE by the bottle
Santa Rita 120 Viognier     (Chile)£15.95
A lively and crisp wine that focuses on the flavours of apricot and pineapple, with delicate floral aromas and a refreshing finish.
Chablis Jean Bourguignon     (France)£16.95
 This is a lively and fresh Chablis with clean citrus aromas. Crisp and fruity on the palate with a good steely character. The finish is long and lean, perfect for accompanying meaty white fish.
Carrasco Sauvignon Blanc     (Chile)£17.95
Youthful, lively and fresh, this Sauvignon Blanc has herbal tropical notes on the nose, followed by a zesty citrus palate.
Five Foot  Chardonnay    (Australia)£18.95
A combination of citrus fruits and ripe apples with underlying notes of vanilla,suited for drinking with white meats and fish.
Pinot Grigio Superiore    (Breganze)£19.95
A vibrant Pinot Girgio that offers much more character and class than some. Good acidity helps create a refreshing wine.
Bantry Bay Chenin Blanc£20.95
(South Africa)
A soft aromatic wine with hints of tropical and citrus fruits , goes perfectly with seafood.
WHITE / ROSE – by the bottle

Marques Calado  – white   (Spain)                     £15.95

Refreshing and juicy, this is a great ‘anytime’ wine, which will be fantastic on its own.

Marques Calado – Rosé    (Spain)£15.95

An intense pink wine with plenty of juicy berry fruit coming from a province northwest of Zaragoza that enjoys an excellent climate for viticulture. Strawberry and raspberry flavours are complimented by a creamy texture and crisp refreshing acidity.

RED by the bottle

Silver Ghost – Sauvignon (Chile) 


A medium-bodied, fruit-driven style of Cabernet that offers rounded, ripe red-berry fruit with a plummy and easy-going feel. Hints of green pepper and subtle oak notes on the nose.

Montepulciano – Grifone  (Italy)


Offers great value for money. This perfect example is a full and fruity wine with hints of black cherry and damson.

Vina Carrasco     (Chile)


On the nose rich notes of plum and blackberries lifted by Chocolate and Mocha. Silky yet structured with concentrated fruit flavours.

Olivier Dubois Pinot Noir (France)


This vegan wine is about fresh red fruit flavours, with a soft easy drinking style. While flavourful it has a lightness of touch that allows it to be matched with white meats.

Rioja Reserva    (Rioja, Spain)


Deep ruby red, with delicious vanilla overtones backed up by juicy soft strawberry and Morello cherry flavours. Round and full, well balanced, long and elegant.

Five Foot Track Shiraz   (Australia)


A medium weight red, with a pleasing balance between ripe fruit and savoury, with lashings of red berry and brambles, suited for drinking with spiced red meat dishes.

Vieux Ramparts, Lussac St-Emilion



A lively and crisp wine that focuses on the flavours of apricot and pineapple, with delicate floral aromas and a refreshing finish.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape     (France)


Famous cellars of Ogier Caves des Papes in the heart of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, this wine is dark ruby with a complex nose of spices and pear with a smooth and lingering finish.


Bouvet Saumur Rose Brut    (France)


A delicate and inviting salmon pink, this is a light and immedia tely welcoming sparkling rose, with a raspberry and peach fruit character, a fine mousse and a clean and uplifting floral nose.

Graham Beck Brut  NV   (South Africa)


An inviting nose full of lightly yeasty aromas. The palate offers fresh, gentle lime fruit delivered with a fine mousse, giving the wine a creamy texture on the finish.(Chardonnay, Pinot Noir)

Lanson Black Label     (France)


This elegant and delicate wine which is fresh and dry on the palate. It is ideal as an aperitif or with any appetiser.


Tia Maria£2.95

SPIRITS (25ml / 50ml)

Smirnoff Vodka£3.25
Jamesons Irish Whisky£3.25
Gordons Gin£3.25
Malibu (Coconut Rum)£3.25
Bacardi (White Rum)£3.25
Captain Morgan£3.25
Martell Cognac£3.25
Jack Danials£3.25
Chiveas Regal£3.25
Southern Comfort£3.25
Glenlivet (Single Malt)£3.75
Remy Martin VSOP£3.75

BEERS, ALE, CIDER                         Half / Pint

Kingfisher£2.75 / £4.50
Cobra£2.75 / £4.50
Adnams Bitter (pint) £4.25
Aspall Suffolk Cider£4.25


Sparkling/Still Water (330ml)£1.95
Schweppes Tonic Water (200ml)£1.95
Soda water (200 ml)    £1.95
Canada Dry Ginger Ale (200ml) £1.95
Schweppes Lemonade (200ml)£1.95
Coca-Cola (Small / Large)£1.75 / £2.50
Diet Coke (Small / Large)£1.75 / £2.50
Sprite (Small / Large)£1.75 / £2.50


Apple and Mango£2.50
Apple & Elderflower£2.50
Mango Juice£2.50
Lime Soda£2.95
J2O  –  Apple & Mango£2.50
J2O  –  Orange & Passion Fruit£2.50
J2O  –  Pear & Raspberry£2.50


Three Mint Herb Tea£1.70
Green Tea£1.70
Hot Chocolate£2.50
Cardamom Coffee / Tea£2.50


Mango Lassi£3.95
Sweet Lassi£3.75
Salt Lassi£3.75
Spicy Lassi£3.95


Adnams Bitter (pint) £4.25
Aspall Suffolk Cider£4.25